• Got questions about spiritual gifts?

    You can set up a meeting with Pastor Sam to chat about this and how you might use your gifts. Email James, our office administrator, to set that up

  • Why do we have gifts?

    Our gifts allow us to contribute uniquely to the body of Christ and our communities, helping to strengthen each other and give glory to God. When we spend time to learn how we are gifted, and time to exercise our gifts (try them out, see how they “fit”), we can see how we can serve well with our time and talents.

  • Another idea for you

    You could join us for an Alpha class, where we explore spiritual gifts among many other key topics of the Christian faith.

    Confirmation of our gifts often comes from experimenting by using them. We can be confident we have a gift if the following happens:

    • Serving in this way is fun and fulfilling.

    • Our efforts produce good results.

    • We receive confirmation/affirmation from others in the church.

  • How can I use my gifts?

    When you're ready to plug in, click the button below for some serving ideas!