How we love

We partner with several key local ministries to make a kingdom difference in the lives of those at the margins in our community. Check out the list here, then when you’re ready to roll up your sleeves, click the button below.

  • The Loving Church

    The Loving Church is dedicated to serving the spiritual and physical needs of the surrounding community, including worship services in both English and Korean, and including meals for people who need them.

  • GAP Ministries

    Our goals include both outreach at GAP SPLASH Houses/Warehouse as well as invitations to join events and worship at Grace.

  • ICS Ministries

    By partnering with Interfaith Community Services, we help seniors in our area with transportation, food donation, meal delivery, and friendly phone calls to check in on them weekly.

    Another new and key program we support is ICS' Workforce Development Center (WFDC). From job readiness to soft skill development to self-efficacy programs, the WFDC supports clients on their path to develop the skills and confidence needed to secure a job and stay employed.

  • Power Over Predators

    Power Over Predators works to alert adults and kids to the critical dangers of in-person and online abuse by equipping them with skills to prepare, intervene, and protect from victimization.

  • SISTER Connection

    SISTER Connection is a not for profit, Christ-centered ministry welcoming women who have been impacted by the judicial system: currently in jail or prison; releasing from jail or prison; on probation or parole; released through pretrial services; and/or have a loved one in prison or previously incarcerated.